Kaplan Radio is the voice of the Kaplan Community.

Kaplan Radio is fully staffed by Kaplan University interns. Our progress is owed to the dedicated Kaplan University radio staff who have put in many hours of hard work to bring you the Kaplan Radio you love to listen to. Check out the Radio Staff page and see who’s been behind the scenes including the radio staff alumni! And as our Kaplan Radio team graduates, you will see different faces here on Kaplan Radio staff page and see who is behind the scene and carry it on!

Kaplan Radio caters to all tastes in music; whether you like country, hip-hop, modern rock, or reggae, we have it all! Kaplan radio also features a variety of shows, such as CEO Collection, Diverse City, Friday Focus with Jerry Taylor, and The World This Week (TWTW). For more information on the Kaplan Radio playlist, check out the Music and Shows Page!
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